Tips For Fixing Xna Framework 3.1 Redistributable Error 2908

If you are experiencing error 2908 xna framework redistributable 3.1 on your PC, this guide can help you resolve it.

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  • Microsoft Framework xna 3.1 Redistributable. cannot be installed

    xna framework redistributable 3.1 error 2908

    This should be my first post, so if I don’t rate my problem high, hello.

    I’m trying to download Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1, but every time I open it I get a pop-up saying “Microsoft XNA Framework 3.1 Redistributable requires at least .NET Framework 2.0”, but that’s never true , I have installed .NET Framework 3.5 sp1. Then I uninstalled then reinstalled then tried if you want to install XNA 3.1 prompted but incorrectly it reappeared.

    I searched for help on many websites around the world until I found that no one had my current specific problem. I’m principled, I’ve run all recovery tools using Microsoft .NET platform and the website is down, please help me solve our problem. Running

    On a 34-bit version of Windows Vista.

    Finally, I solved my problem of missing some things on the machine for .net 2.0. I found out about this because I recently found a guide to upgrade to Windows was 4 and it installed.Updated .net 2.0 for me with no errors. I hope if anyone else has this prank they can do what I did. Well done!

  • Microsoft xna Framework 4.0 Error 2908

    An error 2908 occurred while trying to install MS XNA Framework 4.0

    Uh, double fault:

    The installer encountered an unexpected error while installing this package.

    This may indicate a problem with the package.

    Error code: 2908. Error:


    Second installation error Build your hardware ‘Microsoft.Xna.Framework, fileVersion=”4.0.20823.0″, Variant=””″, “neutral”=culture, publicKeyToken=”

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  • “842CF8BE1DE50553,” processor architecture=86″ “x. For more information, see Help and Support. no HRESULT: 0X8002802F”.

    Instant Messaging with Windows XP

    I found .NET Framework 4.0 and updated Windows.

    Please help


  • XNA Framework installation problems: Error Policy 2908

    When I try to use the XNA Framework v4.0 via xnafx40_redist (automatic installer for an app on Steam), I get an error after initializing the installer:

    Installing Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0most updates

    Installer error encountered during installation

    This package. This may indicate a problem with this package.

    Error policy: 2908.


    Installation Wizard shows most statuses as: Component Update Incoming, 0% s Completed. After pressing OK, the message appears again – 11 10, followed by hours of a completely larger error message:

    Installing or updating the Microsoft XNA Framework 4.0 Redistributable Package

    An error occurred while installing the assembly


    1.0″, plan=”″,=”neutral”, public key culture

    Token=”842CF8BE1DE50553″, processor architecture implies “M”.

    STR”. See help and then more support information

    Information. HRESULT: 0X8002802F


    Now the status says copy the archive again and it’s 30% complete, here’s what it looks like. After clicking OK, the program will indicate that the installation has completed earlier, giving you the option to simply click “Finish” and exit the program.

    I’m running Pro Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit:

    Processor: AMD Athlon(TM) X2240 2.80 GHz

    xna framework redistributable 3.1 error 2908

    SetupUpdated memory (RAM): 4 GB

    System type 00: 64-bit operating system

    Apparently someone had exactly the same problem with a similar question,

    But Hamilia S.’s methods didn’t work, except for the links he posted

    Don’t kick me: because they send me so you can submit a page that doesn’t say “application development for Windows Connect or Xbox” and redirects you to help you use Windows Phone/Xbox to search websites.

    A quick Google search led me to another specific thread where the problem could be solved:

    Me and user Kaboshi had the same problem and other users said:

    Presumably uploading the log will help, as it will get more attention from the developers (when they come back).
    For reference, there should be a link here to another relevant article, the home page might not help you directly, it might also be helpful for software engineers or those who are looking for a subject with aThe other side and has simple tricks:

    The article posted above says that the mscoree.Could dll may fail when updated when designing and installing the .NET Framework 4, the installer plus may not be informed. Navigate to the Windows or System32 syswow64 folder and verify that the mscoree.dll properties are displayed. If it is version 2.0 instead of 4.0, then the .NET framework was considered to be installed incorrectly. See this document for more information.

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