Here’s How To Easily Fix Winamp Msn Live 2011 Plugin

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    In this guide, we are going to identify some potential causes that the Winamp msn live 2011 plug-in can cause and then suggest possible solutions to the problem.> Plugins> General

    Adaptable And Similar To MSN Messenger Or MS Live Messenger

    Customizable and therefore compatible with MSN Messenger or MS Live Messenger

    A custom “Now Playing” plugin designed for Winamp to display the current song that you have selected as a Personal Name “Now Playing” message for Live Messenger. Compatible with Winamp v2.x and Winamp 5 thanks to use with MSN Messenger or MS Live Messenger.

    Download the plugin

    November 29, 2007, André Antunnes 371,403 downloads

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    Mesmo Funciona. Estou muito feliz. How to install eficaz! 😉 – June 2010, by ‘Joyce Moraes

    Wow, I finally found a plugin that works really well with Windows Live Type! Congratulations to Andre Antunnes. If you don’t have to search for this plugin anymore, this is one of them! – May 15, 2010, Hector Barajas

    winamp plugin msn live 2011

    Overall, this is the best messaging plugin . This is the only one that shows Chinese and Japanese parts in MSN status, but for some reason it correctly blocks Unicode in the system tray. I love when this bug is fixed, everything will be perfect. – December 17, 2009 by sylvansnake

    Just fine – it works. He does what he must, no one else needs him! You can be as simple as you want. – October 11, 2009 David, author: 84

    Hitting the point works fine. The list of products for configuring the plugin looks a little odd: “General in settings”, but I think it’s just a nice touch. It’s nice that the formatting can be changed, but it would be even better if there was a help button similar to the ones in the “Headers” for those who don’t know how to use the most important codes and need help. … Anyway, after trying several equivalent plugins, I’ll stop there because it’s stable and works. – September 6, 2009, Grailas

    Funciona como espere – Otros probe plug-in pero este funciona ser deseo 🙂 Gracias! – May 21, 2007, Jorge Amar

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems

  • Nice work – Nice plugin for MSN, I likeI am trying to figure it out and I have no problem with that. Thank you. – April 12, 2009, Alexis Grados

    winamp plugin msn live 2011

    Thanks – works greatly – Amy Sanderson, Jan 9, 2009

    hmm – the plugin works, but why does my current ringtone disappear in Messenger after 10-20 seconds of playing? – November 16, 2008, Sebastian Auer

    ……… – done well – November 14, 2008 courtesy – auck hun

    GOOD plugin A – balanced plugin … Download 3.1 from the author’s site

    nh – hhh – Juan Diego Cubillos, April 12, 2008

    Works great – no problem yet. A ++ – January 16, 2008 to Fred Flintstone

    Has the same error … – No polygamy support … like gen_msn_adv eins all the first plugin … the same … individual visual modifications … – December 7, 2007 by fede leo

    What Are You Doing?

    It will display your current Winamp Song Contest in the Personal Message field of Windows Live Messenger!
    Starting with MSN Messenger 7, this amazing thing is possible when combined with Windows Media Player, but since you have
    listed is probably not the media player you are trying to useb.

    Good news: you can use the “What am I listening” or “Play Now” messaging feature with Winamp!

    Please Note: MessengerAmp includes Windows Live Messenger 2009 compatible but only uses unformatted artist / track information. This means that most formats will NOT work with WLM 2009!

    What Do I Need?

    You will need (5 winamp.33 or for MessengerAMP above 3), Windows Live Messenger and also the
    MessengerAMP plugin for Winamp. Download the program right here:

    • MessengerAMP Installer

    If you are 1 power user, you can also download the plugin dll without installer:

    • MessengerAMP plugin DLL (archived)
    • Download MessengerAMP 2.6 (installer) (zip). It is exactly the same, without Unicode support, but backward compatible.

    Update: 09/11/2007: MessengerAmp v3. New with Unicode support.
    Note 2: Please read the “I want to install manually” section if you are downloading only the main plugin dll.
    Note 3: Do not forget to restart Winamp if it was already running during the installnew.

    How To Change Plugin Plugin?

    This is also automatically configured on first launch.
    To optimize your own configuration, follow these steps:

    2. Select General Purpose under Plugins in the Bridge menu on the left side of the current window.

    3.Select “MessengerAmp v3.x (gen_MSN.dll)” only from the list to the right of the window doors.
    4thClick on the “Configure Plugin” button:selected

    5. Change what you like. This example shows a different format, the exact length of the song.

    6thClick OK to accept the changes:

    I Want To Install A Guide!

    To set it up manually: Plugin

    • Unzip the downloaded file. You should find a file named ‘gen_msn.dll’
    • Make sure Winamp is running, remember to do this.
    • Copy the DLL to the entire Plugins directory. You can find it in the Winamp
      program directory (for product: ‘C: Programs Winamp Plugins’)
    • Start Winamp

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