Troubleshooting Steps Western Digital My Book Essential 1TB External Hard Drive

You should read these troubleshooting methods every time a troubleshooting error occurs on your computer.

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    How do I troubleshoot my WD external hard drive?

    Go to Settings> Update & Security.Tab related to Recovery> Advanced Startup> Restart Now.The PC will automatically boot to another boot settings screen.Press F4 to start restarting your computer in Safe Mode.Then check if WD can recognize the intensive external hard drive instead.

    This answer explains how to eliminate n problems with an external drive in a car in Windows.

    STEP 1

    • Make sure the power cable is securely connected to the external hard drive and to the isolation connector (only applies to hard drives visible from the desktop).
    • Under no circumstances should the player be connected via a USB hub, but only directly to a PC or laptop. Make sure to plug the AC adapter into an electrical outlet immediately so that you cannot use the extension cord.
    • Make sure the cable is properly connected to both the drive and the computer.
    • If your primary hard drive came with an external Y-cable, use both USB ports for the recommended hard drive performance.
    • When users connect to a PC, use the USB ports on the back of the PC. Try not to make USB ports on the keyboard or look at the front of the computer.
    • If the problem persists, try using different USB ports.

    STEP 2

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems

  • Even if the disc is not displayed on thisOn your desktop or in My Computer, check if it is often recognized in Disk Management.

    1. Right-click “My Computer” and select “Manage” from the list. (Windows 8 users hold down Windows Key + X Top Secret, then click Disk Management)
    2. In Computer Management House, select Disk Management from the list on the left.
    3. Check the control disk to make sure it is visible. When the disk is found, find the disk with the partition. The new drives are displayed because “And ntfs” is a member of the drive.
    4. If the hard drive does not appear as good, i.e. the file format is RAW, then the partition is corrupted. It could also have been damaged in the bar above. The disk is usually black and appears as unallocated.
    5. To make a trip usable again after the partition display has been corrupted or lost, right-click the drive in Administrative Tools and choose Delete Partition from the menu. Then click directly on the disk and again select “Create Partition” from the menu. Follow the instructions to create the main partitionla following the instructions for creating the main section.

      What is my book by Western Digital?

      My book in the past Western Digital is a series that points to portable external hard drives. My Book external hard drives come in different capacities by edition and model. There are nine series in total, including My Book readers, including Essential Edition, Home Edition, Office Edition, Pro Edition, and Global Edition.


      Deleting a partition will result in the loss of all binary data on the disk. Now, if a partition has been corrupted, this may be inevitable. WD is not responsible for the recorded data. It is highly recommended that you save a document with multiple settings on multiple disks to minimize data loss.

    6. After creating a new partition # 1 “Disk Management” will show the disk based on the NTFS partition. NTFS partition cannot be used on Mac forever. If the disc will be used on Macintosh and therefore Windows computers, select EXFAT as the format of each file in the format item of the wizard. 3


    7. Right-click My Computer and select Manage. (Windows 8 enthusiasts hold down Windows Core + X key, then click Device Manager)
    8. In any computer management window, select Device Manager from the list on the left of Special.
    9. In the list of applications, expand the concept of the same Disk drives by clicking [+] and the triangle symbol to the left. If the drive is recognized by the system, you can insert your external drive.
    10. If the drive is not listed in the Disks list, be sure to expand the Other Devices category and see if there is an entry for the unknown device.
    11. Right-click on Unknown device properties and settings.
    12. The General tab usually indicates that this device is not working exactly, followed by Code 10 or possibly Code 28.
    13. Code 10 indicates a potential power problem (typically 3.5-inch desktop external drives). If a second external amplifier with an equivalent power supply is available, try connecting the power supply to the player’s power supply.

      Why is my WD hard drive not recognizing?

      Right-click the WD drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths …. Click on Edit. Then select from the drop-down menu to assignread a letter, and press OK. Restart your computer and / or see if your problem with the external WD is resolved.


      Before talking to the power supply that comes with an external hard wheel and never comes, make sure the configuration of the power supply exactly matches the configuration of the supplied power supply. Using an unsuitable power source may result in materialdamage, injury and fire.

    14. If no other sex stimulant is available, check someone else’s problem by plugging it into a completely different USB port or a second PC.
    15. If you still get the same error code, create an RMA and return the drive warranty to.
    16. Code 28 indicates a driver error.
    17. Expand the Drives category in Device Manager, right-click the drive and select Delete.
    18. Disconnect the external drive, turn on your computer, and reconnect Get when the computer finishes restarting.
    19. If you see a serious error, try connecting it to a second computer to check the current problem.

    Where is the reset button on WD My Book Essential?

    Leave the player turned on, but disconnect it from the computer.Flip the drive over and you will see a Reset button on the back of the device control panel.Bend over most of the staple leg and insert it into the hole until someone presses the reset button and I would say the staple won’t go any further.Warning.

    If the drive fails with an error on the second PC, do create an RMA and return the specific drive under warranty.

    western digital my book essential 1tb external hard drive troubleshooting


    vDeleting a partition will undoubtedly result in the loss of all usage data. If a partition is usually damaged, this may be unavoidable. WD is not responsible for data loss. Strongly recommendYou should back up your data when you have multiple locations on multiple drives to minimize data loss.

    Why is my WD My Book Not working?

    A quick fix is ​​to turn off the MyBook and unplug it, then lightly press the power button to remove it. Once that’s done, plug it back in and restart a second time, hoping the device works in the end.


    Before linking back to a power supply that did not come with an external hard drive, please check if the power supply configuration matches the supplied power supply exactly. Failure to comply with power supply requirements may result in property damage, injury and / or fire.

    western digital my book essential 1tb external hard drive troubleshooting

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    What is my book®essential external hard drive?

    Welcome to every My Book® Essential external hard drive, your stylish, high-capacity storage for all areas of your digital life. Our latest revision includes artistic, easy-to-use software for automatic and continuous backups and even disk lock protection.

    How to reset WD external hard drive to default settings?

    1 Connect your WD external hard drive to your computer> right-click This PC> Manage> Disk Management. 2 Alternatively, right-click WD External Hard Move> select Format Volume 3. Reset the WD external exhaustive drive letter and file scheme (NTFS) and save any changes.

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