How To Fix Travelmate 380 BIOS Error

Sometimes your system may show the Travelmate 380 bios error. There can be many reasons for this problem to occur.

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    The BIOS setup utility is a hardware setup program built into your computer’s BIOS (basic input/output system).

    Your computer is already properly configured as optimized and you do not need to run this utility. However, if you encounter configuration issues, your organization may need to run the installer. You might even want to read Chapter 4 Troubleshooting if you run into the second problem.

    To enter the BIOS utility, press M during POST (when the message “Press to enter setup” is displayed on the waist screen).

    Press M to enter settings. Press during POST to enter multiboot mode. This menu allows the user to change devices without entering the BIOS setup program. Types:

    travelmate 380 bios


    CPU(R) Pentium(R) M

    CPU frequency:

    1.50 GHz

    Hard drive name:

    Model ST94019A by (PM)

    Hard drive serial number:


    V System BIOS Version:

    Version 0.10

    VGA BIOS version:


    CBC version:


    Serial number


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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems

  • 22 bytes

    Object tag number:

    Not applicable

    32 bytes


    TravelMate 380

    16 bytes

    Manufacturer name:


    16 bytes


    3131 3232-3333-3434-3535-363637373838

    User Guide

    travelmate 380 bios

    Page 8
    BIOS Utility46Disk-to-disk recovery473 Troubleshooting some of my computers49Frequently Asked Tips54questions about errors51Troubleshooting messages54service request55International Travel Guarantee (ITW)55before calling55Appendix A Specifications57Appendix B Rules and Safety Instructions63indicator79

    User Guide

    Page 25
    …Hot spotsKeysThe computer uses hotkeys or button options to access most private controls, such as brightness, screen volume source, and the BIOS utility. To increase the hotkey, press and hold the Fn key before pressing another key(s) in the sleep function that can be set…

    The 41st User Guide

    …p. 46. ​​Setting these passwords creates several different strings where you must enter this password in order to find the BIOS utility. See “BIOS Utility” on the right to secure your computer and data: • Supervisor password prevents unauthorized entry of notch and most turns…also available. Security features include homemade software and locks. Learn how to protect and maintain your computer. Set a bios lockutility. your english33computer backupYour system is a valuable investment that most people need to take care of.

    User Guide

    Page 42
    If you entered the wrong password, a notification will appear. set passwordsYou can pop up when your family presses F2 to enter the BIOS utility at boot and continue hibernation for maximum security.• Set up your computer and try again. If unsuccessful, switch to… and continue sleep mode for a few seconds to turn off the personal computer. You have three attempts to enter a password. English341 Get to know TravelMate• Your user password protects your manager!

    User Guide

    Page fifty four
    … You do not need to run this utility. To activate the BIOS utility, press F2 during POST (Power On Self Test), while the creative TravelMate logo is a hardware setup utility written into your computer’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).BIOS utilityThe BIOS utility will appear. The five launch keys followed the keyboard above…

    User Guide 55

    … desired language version. bCheck whether the [Hard Recovery] setting in [Advanced] is frequently enabled or not.Check the BIOS location before performing the restore operation. English47Hard drive Recovery hard driveNote. This feature is only available on some models.Installing a multilingual operating systemFollow the market instructions to select…use this option.The pop-up window of the system shows all the data files before someone uses them when you turn on the system for the first time. 1 Activate the arrangement. The personal settings menu of Acer Multilingual Operating System 2 will restart.

    User Guide 60

    … on your system. English482 My personal computer2 Typically, after the recovery process, when you click the “Press to enter BIOS” prompt, you will be asked if you want to exit the system recovery process when the “Acer Self-Configuration Preload” window appears. A message will appear on the screen stating that the password was created successfully.Press … to display “Please enter a creative password”‘u:’ Enter an 8 in alphanumeric text. When “F3” is displayed.5 Enter five and 0 to continue. 6 “Preload Acer Auto Setup Window” is displayed. 7 Use the arrow keys to scroll through the system of new items.version) (run and press Enter to restart your…


    A page of a book

    User 61
    …. The printer is not completing the job. HyperTerminal), you must adapt your communication software (for example,53• Press F2 during POST to enter the BIOS utility and see ifUSB port enabled.Link it to positive use of your location: 1 Click Start, Settings, Control Panel. 2 Double-click Modems. 3 …Click on each printer. • Press F2 during POST to enter the BIOS utility and verify that infrared capture is enabled.• Make sure both devices are indeed infrared compatible.

    User Guide

    62…) Drag the drive to drive (A:), then press Enter to reboot.Device configuration errorOn thepress F2 (during POST) to enter the BIOS utility; disk with three errorsContact your dealer or an authorized service center. ConnectedKeyboard interface error to keyboardContact your dealer or… or No Contact your dealer or an authorized web center. Memory size mismatchPress F2 (during POST) to enter the BIOS utility; 543 Troubleshooting my computerEnglishTroubleshooting TipsThis notebook includes an advanced model that provides on-screen error reporting…

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