Simple Solution For Enterprisevault.directoryconnection Object Reported Error. Unspecified Error Problems

Here are some easy ways to resolve the issue that caused the enterprisevault.directoryconnection object to report an error. Unknown error.

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    – sync failed 000013235 Continuing will undoubtedly terminate the connection – Exchange deployment task will fail 000089561 Invalid operation ID (empty) 0x800710dd 000009610 The error code could be 0x80040e14 CDirectoryConnectionObject :: UpdateIndexLocationBackUpMode 000087856 Error [0x80040e14] CDirectoryConnectionObject :: GetArchiveOrArchiveFolderSecurity 000076583 The specified module could not always be found. Internal References: Error [0x8007007e] – Accelerator Search Failed, Enterprise with Vault API 000085256 0x80131600 Internal References: Error [0x80131600] – Inline search access does not work through Lotus Notes 000018308 The program number is out of range. Internal References: Error [0x800706d1] CDirectoryConnectionObject :: EnumIndexVolumeSetsByArchiveEx 000016810 Not enough memory for this command for the entire operation 000037110 undefined confusion – server error occurred when many article directories were archived 000086311

    Event ID 8390
    Event Source Safe for the company
    Description The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryConnection object reported an error. Share denied error.
    Event Information The event was generated because the VERITAS Enterprise Vault Directory Service may have stopped before the VERITAS Enterprise Vault Indexing or VERITAS Enterprise Vault Storage Services.
    ———————————————– – ———– ————————————– – ———– ——————

    • According to News Group:
      the enterprisevault.directoryconnection object reported an error. unspecified error

      Reason: An event is generated because it is possible that the Enterprise Vault directory service is shutting down prior to indexing Enterprise Vault, or possibly the Enterprise Vault service.

      This event will be ignored if it is populated when the Enterprise Vault Management service is closed.

      Solution 1. 1. Click Start | “Programs” | «Administrative | Local Security Policy tools to run the Group Policy Editor application on the Enterprise Vault server.

      2. I get itn to local politics | “Transfer of Use Rights.” Check the Debug Programs permissions to see if the Vault account service is registered in the security settings.
      3. If the exact Vault Service Account (VSA) is definitely not listed, look at the icon on the side of the file. “” debug-free programs. If the icon represents this folder, which contains both zeros and blue, then the local security policy can be said to be in effect. Double-click the Debug Programs privilege and enter these security settings in the Vault service account.
      4. After the Vault service account is restored, all Enterprise Vault providers will need to be restarted to take advantage of debugging. This process can mostly be done by restarting the Enterprise Admin Vault service or restarting the Enterprise Vault server.

      Solution 2: Click Start | | “Programs” “Administration” | “Services”. Scroll down and list the services above to ensure that Enterprise Vault Companies are running. If control has not yet started and most trigger types are set toOtherwise, check the Enterprise Vault event log for an event.

    Links Event ID 8390 will show up in the VERITAS Enterprise Vault ™ event when a specific administration service is stopped

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    the enterprisevault.directoryconnection object reported an error. unspecified error

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