Here’s How To Fix Bugs In This Funny Malware

Sometimes your system can generate an error code indicating that malware is fun. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    The Creeper virus works by infecting a specific computer and causing it to print a meaningful file. After that, it will stop working when looking for another TENEX practice. It connects to the appropriate computer, etc. Once this is done to the system, its payload or previous effect is to make its message exist.

    During the MS-DOS era, hackers developed malware mainly for entertainment purposes, but now there are many unusual and even funny viruses. Because of this, simple malware was displayed upside down on the computer screen. A virus called Madman showed users the sparkling eyes of a red-faced maniac and informed the victims that someone was watching these people and “nothing can save you.” It was cool again at that time. Indeed, of course

    Is desktop Goose safe?

    Desktop Goose is also a type of malware that can be removed from your system. There are several cases where an overloaded user’s computer crashes due to the nature of the software. Its behavior is uncontrollable, which, according to experts, is a sign of a specific virus.

    There were more high-risk viruses among them. In tax year 2000, a criminal email was sent with the header “ILoveYou” containing the dangerous attachment LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs, which was a non-descriptive text file.but an absolutely simple visual scenario. The letter “lit more than 3 million personal computers around the world. The malware most likely succeeded: extreme This was the most common computer virus of 2002.

    But as time goes on, malware has once again turned into something much less interesting and more malicious: software that serves only one purpose: to enrich its experts. Nevertheless, viruses can already be found, which, in turn, stand out from the general mass. In this article, we have collected five weird and wacky examples of malware.

    Malware Is Currently In The Public Domain

    Is the desktop goose a virus?

    Since Desktop Goose is not a virus, the free software is safe to download. Trustworthy ad services like Avast find Desktop Goose safe to use. Computer systems can often stop launching undetected applications through notifications that allow you to choose between Start Anyway or Don’t Start.

    Even the simplest malware can cause emotional reactions. For example, the big classic Skype Trojan would simply send a new “hello” message to anyone with the victim’s contact list every time people were online. The result was nice and predictable: friends and acquaintances said – there are many of them at the same time. For some users, it was such a terrible experience that they called adware. About “the worst virus a very introverted person can face.”

    @Skype Hello! Today I log into my checking account and see the following. Is it a virus? the reason was posted on some of my wired connections. What can I do ?

    â € “Vanya ã €‚ ã‚œï¼ˆã‚œï¼¾ã‚§ï¼¾ã‚œï¼ ‚゜㠀‚ (@Faithless_Dark) August 2015

    At 24, the virus easily added a phishing button to the welcome message, so this was not written just for fun. But the malware is remembered for the fact that every time it infects a computer, it causes an incredible tsunami of spam.

    Greedy Applications

    Bitcoin performance eavesdroppers are not a log. Over the past year, developers of many popular Android apps have done the same, instead using smartphones to humiliate them. They even managed to keep it a secret for a while, as most people do not install anti-virus software on their mobile devices and the devices do degrade when connected Connected to the charger.

    but the thought was hopeless. Usually people use powerful PCs that think video cards are intensive to get bitcoins because mining requires heavy parallel processing. Mobile devices were never powerful enough for this event: if you tried one of my bitcoins, for example, on your simplest high-end smartphone of 2015 (Galaxy S4 for example), the computation would be … It would take 34,000 a lot. … Now it will probably take longer, bitcoins are getting harder and harder to hack. We suspect that the attackers knew little about bitcoins, just how they were mined.

    Why are tech blogging giants using #BitCoin? –

    – Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) April 2015

    Trojan Horse 6, Ketching

    While most Android repository Trojans try to remain undetected, there was one that required a completely different approach: it was the last nerve for the victims.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems

  • Like many others, this is The Trojan is constantly moving and infiltrating a smartphone, which claims to be a useful iPhone application. At that time, the malware was constantly harassed, and the victims also asked to grant administrator rights to the idea. If the user hermetically closed one window, the Trojan continued to open another. The only way to stop this is to turn the phone off and restore the app to factory settings – or give the annoying app the required permissions. This (note: it would be a bad idea.)

    Banking Trojans: A Cyber ​​Threat for Large Mobile Devices #Malware

    that funny stuff malware

    – Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) September 30, 2015

    Sometimes it’s easier than saying no all the time. The harassed subscribers were given the requested privileges to call for peace, but the Trojan did not stop: it used the same methods to become the default SMS program and then pestered the victims to share messages – information about their credit cards. The kid would have envied such persistence.

    Monsieur Chevalier

    Is Mydoom still around?

    Mydoom, the worst computer virus epidemic in history, caused scratches that were estimated at $ 38 billion in 2004, when the actual inflation-adjusted cost was $ 52.2 billion. This malware, also known as Novarg, is technically a worm, a form of mass email. Mydoom still exists today and generates 1% of all phishing emails.

    You may even run into Don Quixote among modern Trojans. The unusual Wifatch malware appeared last year. Perhaps we should also call this “good software”. Wifatch infected the Wi-Fi routers of other connected devices and … eliminated them. Optional

    In order to update devices, the technology has left a message for owners with recommendations for changing passwords and releasing firmware. The problem here again is that people often leave standard accounts on their connected devices (routers, internet devices, things, etc.) and don’t deliver them properly configured. As a result, attackers find simple ways to compromise such devices. Trojans tried to protect people from these and other similar problems.

    When Wifatch was first discovered, its network included tens of thousands of devices using China, Brazil and the United States.

    How will the Internet of Things affect cybersecurity? –

    – Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) April 9, 2015

    Trojan Horse, Byfull Of Contradictions

    Triada is a deceiving Trojan for Android. It is also very powerful. This spyware successfully hijacks the core of all Google operating systems – Zygote methods – and resides mostly in the RAM of the infected device, making it extremely difficult to detect.

    Finally, the triad has a modular structure. The layout is no different from Motorola’s new touchscreen phone concept, but we’re talking about software modules that combine the Trojan with powerful new owners so that Triada can look for the most appropriate weapon in the product’s arsenal – and apply it to users. …

    Meet #Triada: mobile malware that resides in RAM and uses the root directory to replace system files

    – Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) March 3, 2016

    If you and your family still don’t think this personal malware is very dangerous, consider the following: Security experts say Triada can be written as well as a computer Trojan. P Remember, Windows has been battling malware for years, mobile operating systems, and relatively modern systems.

    Overall, the Triad has considerable power, but the structure uses it in a shockingly naive way. Instead of stealing important banking information or holding pirated gadgets hostage, it demonstrates its advertising effect – just like with simple adware. The Trojan also spoofs the URLs downloaded by the user and changes the home page and even the default search engine.

    As the best way to monetize infected users, Triada expects the user to customize something for one of the purposes – a bonus, in-game currency, useful add-ons or anything else while buying and trading, money is simply sent to developers in the form of text messages …

    We’re not complaining, but none of us understands why criminals create such a powerful and sophisticated cleanup to accomplish these simple tasks. Plus, they earn much less than what they earn as a developer Traditional lockers or banks that lend to Trojans.

    Five strange modern Trojans #malware


    As you can see, there are several more unusual and strange Trojans. But as funny as they are, this virus is still dangerous. Designed to finally steal money or personal information that could otherwise be damaging. You

    that funny stuff malware

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