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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems
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    This user manual has been created to help you if you receive an error message regarding sophos processor usage. Sophos scan offers an 18% to 4% increase in CPU usage on memory usage. Please note that if a Sophos scan is only 15 minutes long and does not reveal any details about scan depth or other details other than scan time, the scan will be very irregular.

    I have intermittently had a problem with high CPU usage on Sophos Home. Do not see all participants in the assignment.

    – Significant processor performance today is observed from late night (literally midnight 00:00)

    – Extremely high CPU events have occurred in the past few days, usually in the morning

    This is how it looked last week. Pay attention to n true advice … Take a look

    Typical monthly CPU usage practice (indicates new development) …

    This assumes this is running in high availability mode on different pairs of Dell R210 IIs, each equipped with an E3-1270 processor, 8GB of RAM and therefore 500GB of hard drive.

    I have restarted every time this happened in the last week and it was obvious that everything was back to normal for the time being, but this is an exception. Even after restarting the master, a more powerful CPU comes back.

    After weeks of trying to figure out how high the percentage of CPU usage is, I finally figured it out! I have 10 endpoints with Sophos Endpoint Protection configured for UTM, 3 of which have web control enabled. As soon as I turn off web control, the CPU usage comes back if you want to go back to previous levels. Turn on the web control CPU and pull 30% or more … and those are just 3 endpoints.

    The interesting thing is that I’ve always defended these real endpoints, so the way to interactThe impact of endpoint protection has changed with Sophos UTM.

    Sophos UTM / XG High Cpu Problem

    Why does Sophos use so much CPU?

    This is introduced by a Sophos driver update that may indicate the correct time to exit on some computers, resulting in this behavior.


    How much CPU usage is normal for antivirus?

    The Task Manager shows that an action plan called Browser SandboxSafe Browsing Security Service (Core Browsing Protection), which seems to be part of the antivirus, usually uses about 30-35% of the CPU when the PC is connected, so about 15-16% of the CPU on battery.

    In this information, we are going to fix the problem as soon as your firewall shows consistently high CPU performance. This is an example of the presentation of Sophos in the UTM dashboard.

    Bug Fixes:

    First you need to connect to the Sophos Firewall Playstation, run the top command and check which services are using a lot of CPU power. If only one service is a high CPU usage application, this permission does not apply either.

    If the CPU usage is almost certainly high due to occasional spikes in the performance of different services at different times, a specific solution will apply. Computer use may be caused by registration errors. Finally, to check if there are usually any database errors, you need to look at the syslog file.

    The Listed Simple Steps applicable To Sophos UTM:


    Step 3. Finally enter -f system.log and check if you have observed any database error logs. Examples of database errors usually shown in the image below

    Database error

    Does Sophos slow down your computer?

    With the new version of Windows 10 software on Lenovo T450, we found that in the end, in my opinion, we installed Sophos Endpoint Intercept X 2.0 and that slowed down the computer significantly. All aspects of the computer became sluggish.

    If you see any errors shown in the image above followed by this issue, they are collection related. Now you need to restore the database. You can run the rebuild command against the database specified in the following paragraphs: “/etc/init.d/postgresql92 rebuild”.

    Note. If you rebuild your customer base, all existing reports, queues, and emails with existing AP vouchers will still be removed.


    Connect to firewallSophos UTM and execute this command “top” as shown in the picture below

    Why does Sophos clean use so much disk space?

    It is primarily a Sophos datalogger (100MB) that captures activity events for use when incredible threat reporting is required. Threat case creation is often the same as for Sophos Clean; therefore, more elements are used in these conditions. The hard drive, processor, and memory will temporarily increase.

    Here, as shown in the intersection of the image, the HTTP proxy is a high CPU usage application. You can try to fix this by restarting the http proxy. You can run this command: “/ var / mdw / scripts / httpproxyâ restart”

    The Specified Path Applies To Sophos XG:

    Step 1. Connect Sophos to the firewall CLI. You can use the following article about the same


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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems

  • Step 2. Enter the number 5 above, enter the device management, then enter the number 3 and enter the classic shell

    Step 3. Enter tail -f syslog.log and see if you notice any database errors as shown in the image above.

    sophos cpu usage

    If anyone notices errors in the database, use the command to log out of the source. You will get other options with extended shell as shown in the image below.

    Now enter a fourth method for uploading reports from devices. If someone removes reports from all firewalls, all existing reports will still be removed from the firewall.

    Is 4% CPU usage good?

    What is normal CPU usage without a doubt? Normal CPU utilization was 2-4% in idle mode, 10-30% for the second game in less demanding games, 70% for p Nke for more demanding games and up to 100% for rendering.

    If they want to save the reports, they can refer to this article to export existing reports from the XG firewall:

    Load reports

    Now check the CPU usage to get back to normal. If the problem persists, please contact us by email or leave a comment. We will try our best to make you better.

    CPU Usage
    PNG Top Command
    sophos cpu usage

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    How to troubleshoot the Sophos update manager on the endpoint?

    Protect the affected endpoint system from the Sophos agent service. Start the entire Sophos Agent service. In the Sophos Enterprise Console, right-click the Sophos Update Manager server and select Perform Configuration. Check the CPU usage of ManagementAgentNT.exe on the affected endpoint.

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