Troubleshooting Hal.dll Recovery. Access Denied

You may encounter an error that access to the hal.dll restore has been denied. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we’ll discuss them shortly.

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    For a friend who was repairing a computer at the time, the main problem was the loss of the system file hal.dll, but in our case I could not find any relief. Now the whole process of investigating problems has been discovered and recorded in the form of subscribers, experts hope to be in the leadership.

    Description of the problem: the Windows system line sysytem32 hal.dll

    is missing during the computer system startup process.

    Your first idea might be to use the Windows XP CD to launch the Recovery Console, the steps are as follows:

    Insert any Windows XP into each of our CD-ROM drives, then restart all computers. At the Welcome to Installer screen, press R to begin restoring the new console.

    Method A: Copy the hal.dll file system to CD C: windows sysytem32 next. Run the when command:

    expand G: i386 hal.dl_ C: windows system32 hal.dll (G is equivalent to CD)

    G: i386 halacpi.dl_ C: os system32 # deploy files


    ren C: windows system32 halacpi.dll hal.dll # Rename files

    Note. Since the expired hal.dll file has been at, you still need to use the EXPAND command, for example. …

    Method two: get another normal hall.dll model with a U sign in the system from a file

    For example: COPY H: i386 hal.DLL C: Windows System32 (H: U-Disk)

    By default, the Recovery Console can only get the system root directory, the installation directory of the Windows module, CMDCONS and other folders, if you change to another folder, you will get a new “Access Denied”; The hard drive may not necessarily copy files to a floppy disk. Restrictions. They can change the prices of the corresponding variables to get around them using the “Set” command.

    After receiving the assembly and ordering, the following interface is pretty self-explanatory:

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems

  • Then our own set wanted to enter AllowAllPaths = true, the “access denied” problem could not be resolved. Satisfied, but found that they appear as errors:

    repair hal.dll access denied

    The SET command is currently disabled, our SET command is an optional console for recovery commands that can only be authorized through the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in.

    To via online booking To recognize that the system is only working normally, in the Run box, type “gpedit.msc” after it. Click on “Local Computer Policy” in the Group Policy window – “Computer Configuration” – “Windows Location” – “Security Settings” – “Local Systems” – “Security Options” which you will find here in the right window “provide all drives and folders. copy to floppy disk with access ”and double-click (photo), select the pop-up dialog box“ activated ”, then OK. Log into the error recovery console again, as using the “set” command to set certain variables to “true” may well be.

    Winpe with the following systems thinking, see if you can enable Group Policy now, but it still won’t open.

    You can think of Winpe for the system, copy the hal.dll file from the computer to C: windows system32 , the following error may occur: system32 files and directories are corrupted, inaccessible. Still missed! ! !

    repair hal.dll access denied

    I have a weakness for this, I was speechless! Winpe can only offer to save the file to a specificdrive c d and then reinstall the system.

    There is actually no exam. Hal.dll file troubleshooting problems, hal.dll file not lost, BOOT mais.INI bad reasons, some kind of boot.ini to restore basic state (or said earlier), OK, is that specific? ? ? I haven’t looked, I don’t know, I advise experts in prayer! ! ! !

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