Tips For Using The Polycom HDX 6000 HD Codec Data Sheet

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    polycom hdx 6000 hd codec datasheet

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    About Polycom HDX 6000 (P / N 6000 7200-29025-001)

    When Purchased On, Installation Is Easy

    Make Video Calls At A Reasonable Distance

    The Polycom HDX 6000 Benefits

    • An inexpensive option for small to medium sized meeting roomsabout the size.
    • Reduced deployment and administration costs.
    • Crystal clear full screen HD video.
    • Premium Audio with Polycom Clarity
    • Submit computer materials for document exchange

    Product Details:

    This plan may include repair or replacement, 8 to 5 phone companies (during normal business hours), 24 to 7 sites investigating

    In the box:

    1. Polycom HDX 6000-CODEC
    2. Polycom Eagle Eye Pan / Tilt / Zoom Camera
    3. Polycom HDX Desktop Microphone
    4. Remote control
    5. Cables required part number 99130

    Polycom # 7200-29025-001

    The Polycom HDX 6000 Point is an easy-to-use high definition video conferencing system. We recommend it for small conference rooms, classrooms or even conference rooms. No matter where you work or who you work with, you need to communicate easily. The last thing a business wants when making videoconferencing calls is to figure it out to hear what is at stake. , or you may have to squint to understand It is a half-light image. With crisp high definition video and crystal clear HDX polycom 6000 audio, you won’t have this problem.

    The Polycom HDX 6000 supports one monitor, one Canon HD camera, a desktop microphone array, or a high-end Polycom HDX ceiling microphone array. If you need multiple monitors and up to 2 microphones, look at the Polycom HDX 7000. All

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