FIX: How To Create A Ghost Drive In Windows 8

It’s worth reading these fixing methods when you learn how to create a ghost drive in Windows 8 error message.

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    Step 1 Install MiniTool ShadowMaker on your computer.Step 2: Select the real computer you want to manage.Step 3: Be sure to select the backup source and destination on the backup page.Step 4: Run another backup.Step 1: Select the backup function.Step two: Decide where to keep the backup part.

  • Microsoft XNA Framework 3.1 Redistributable. cannot be transferred

    This is my first post, sorry if I don’t need to go into detailTalk about your problem.

    I’m installing XNA Framework Redistributable 3 from Microsoft. I’m lucky that I have .NET Framework 3.5 sp1 installed. Then I uninstalled and then reinstalled and you must have tried to install XNA 3.1 but turned it off and it reappeared.

    I found a lot of helpful websites until I posted this and no one seems to have my specific problem, have no idea, I ran all the .NET Framework repair tools using the website from Microsoft and this may not work, please help me with my problem. vision problem.

    Windows is running in a 32-bit environment.

    how to create a ghost drive in windows 8

    Finally I solved the problem, it seems that some problems were missing in the registry for .web-based 2.0 since I found that I recently found Windows 7 there was a manual posted for the upgrade and it installed .get 2.0 for me with no error. Hopefully if anyone else has this problem they can do what I did. Well done!

  • Microsoft xna Framework 4.0 Error 2908

    Error 2908 occurred while I was trying to help you install Microsoft XNA Framework 4.0

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  • Gives 2 errors:

    The setup is complete, and when installed,An unexpected error has occurred on this device.

    This may indicate a specific problem with the package.

    How do I create a ghost image of my hard drive?

    Step 1: Launch the disk cloning software that your whole family has downloaded on PC. And then go to the tools fan page. Just click “Clone Disk” to clone your hard drive to an SSD. Step 2: In the following interface, click the corresponding section to select the first disk and the target raw disk.

    The error code might be 2908.

    second error:

    How do I make a ghost drive?

    Type accelerated recovery in the Windows search box and search for “Create a recovery drive”.When Microsoft Windows Recovery Media Creator opens, make sure that “Back up system files on all recovery drives” is checked and click Next.

    “When installing Microsoft.Xna.Framework assembly components, fileVersion=”4.0.20823.0″, transcription=”””, “neutral” culture matches publicKeyToken=”


    “842CF8BE1DE50553″, processor architecture=”x86″. For more information and facts, see Help and Support. ‘RESULT: 0X8002802F”.

    Instant Messaging with Windows XP

    I had .NET Framework 4.0 installed and the latest version of Windows installed.

    Please help


  • XNA: Error Code 2908

    When using XNA Install Framework v4.0, xnafx40_redist is displayed (automatic installer for a very handy use of Steam), after initializing the installer I get an error:

    Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 Update System

    The installer has found the best install error

    Does Windows 8 have cloning software?

    Free Cloning Softwarefor Windows 8/8.1/10 – AOMEI Backupper It offers disk cloning and partition cloning features. You can usually clone an entire CD or a specific partition. This allows large files to be cloned onto a smaller disk, backing up only the sectors in use.

    This unexpected package. May indicate a problem with that particular package.

    Error code – 2908.


    Speaker installation wizard t that status update: Component registration, 0% added. After pressing OK, the message returns 9-10 followed by weeks with a longer error message:

    Install Microsoft XNA Redistributable Framework 4.0 Update

    An error occurred during installation

    ‘ from Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Avatar, fileVersion=”4.0.3090

    1.0 inch, version=”″, culture=”neutral”, public key

    Token means “842CF8BE1DE50553”, CPU architecture “M”=.

    STR”. For other important information, see Help and Support

    Information. HRESULT: 0X8002802F


    Status now says: An amazing 30% complete file copies at first glance. After pressing OK, the program indicates where the installation just written ended prematurely, giving the opportunity to click and “Finish” to close the program.

    I’m running Windows Ultimate 64-bit instead of 7:

    Processor: AMD Athlon (TM) X 2240 2.80 GHz

    Installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB

    System type: 64-bit operating system

    Apparently someone solved the same problem with a short question,

    How do I ghost my laptop hard drive?

    Open the software, go to the Clone section and select Disk Clone.Select the majority of the source drive and click Next.Enable SSD alignment to improve the accurate read and write speed of this target SSD, and click “Start Cloning” to implement disk sticking.

    But Shamilia’s methods worked more than they should.Links she’s pasted

    How do I get Ghost on my computer Windows 10?

    Preparing for Ghost on Windows Buy an external hard drive. Make sure you and your family have a spare USB drive. Format your external hard drive on your PC. Download and install the required LinuxLive USB Creator. Download Clonezilla. Install Clonezilla on a USB stick. Keep your USB stick and external hard drive connected.

    doesn’t work for me: suggest a site where you can’t talk about “application development for Windows Phone or Xbox, for example” and promote Windows Phone and Xbox Live websites. Fast

    Googling led me to another that exactly solves this problem:

    how to create a ghost drive in windows 8

    Player “Kaboshi” and I had the same task, and other users said:

    Downloading most of the logs will probably help, as it will give the developers more information (after they get back).
    Here’s another great article for reference, it might not help the whole world directly, but it might for developers or anyone who wants to be involved with the issue, plus it has some basic tricks:

    All of the articles I posted above mention that mscoree.dll may not be upgradable as part of a .NET installation, and the installer may not be updatable. Change to the Windows system32 or syswow64 directory and check the mscoree to.-dll properties if that is the version2.0 or 4.0, .NET was not installed correctly. See this article for more information.

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