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    Contains categories that can be used through object serialization and deserialization. Serialization is often the process of converting a target or eager object graph into a linear sequence of contiguous bytes for storage or transmission to the underlying location.



    Data transfer contract attribute


    applied to the bulk placement allows you to customize the placed elements of the elements. This attribute can only be applied to types that the DataContractSerializer recognizes as valid serializable collections.

    Contract Namespace Attribute

    Specify the exact CLR namespace and XML namespace using a data contract.


    Indicates that the type defines or uses a data contract and can only be serialized by a serializer, such as DataContractSerializer itself. To make their own type serializable, type authors must define an information contract for their type.


    Provides a dynamic configuration mechanism for xsi:type representations and vice versa based on serialization and deserialization.

    Data Contract Serializer

    Serializes and deserializes an instance of a type in a source or XML document using the provided legal contract data. This class cannot be learned.

    DataContractSerializer extensions

    Extends DataContractSerializer training by providing method parameters and additionally getting ISerializationSurrogateProvider.

    DataContractSerializer settings

    Specifies the details of the serializer contract parameters.

    Data member attribute

    When applied to a type member, indicates that the entity is part of a data acquisition and can be serialized by this particular DataContractSerializer.

    Date and time format

    Specifies date and time data format options.


    Indicates that the field is an enumeration element and should preferably be serialized.

    Export options

    Represents the basic options that can be set for XsdDataContractExporter.


    Store versioned factsAbout a data contract that has been extended to include new members.


    What is the use of DataMember?

    Data elements are fields or properties of your data contract course. You must specify the [DataMember] attribute on a property or field of a data contract class to designate it as a data member. The DataContractSerializer only serializes members that are normally annotated with the [DataMemeber] attribute.

    Provides basic rendering formatter functionality for common language serialization.

    Format Converter

    Represents a secondary implementation of the IFormatterConverter interface using the Convert class and the IConvertible interface.

    Formatting Services

    Provides specific methodological guides for trainers to recommend serialization. This class cannot be inherited.

    Ignore the DataMemberAttribute
    global system runtime serialization

    When applied to an element, in relation to a type, indicates that the client is not part of a material information contract and is not serializable.

    Import options

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems

  • Represents options that can sometimes be set on XsdDataContractImporter.

    InvalidDataContract Exception

    Exception thrown when DataContractSerializer or NetDataContractSerializer passes invalid contract data during serialization and deserializationand.

    Attribute of known type

    Specifies the types that this DataContractSerializer should recognize when serializing or deserializing the given pretty type.

    NetDataContract serializer

    Serializes and deserializes a key instance into an XML stream or documents using the provided .NET Framework types. This class cannot be inherited.

    ObjectID Generator identifiers

    is generated for objects.

    Object manager

    Follows objects as most people are deserialized.


    When a method is created, this indicates that the tool is immediately invoked to deserialize the object in the target diagram. The order of deserialization with respect to other objects in the graph is certainly not deterministic.

    When deserializing an attribute

    When executed in a method, specifies that this method will be called when deserializing between objects in the object monitor. Order of deserialization relative to othersx objects in the data is not deterministic.


    What is serializing and Deserializing?

    Serialization is the process of converting an object to the most recent stream of bytes, usually to store the object or transfer it to a sample, database, or file. Its main purpose is to preserve the state of a purchased item by a person so that it can be recreated if necessary. The reverse process is always calledAll deserialization.

    When used in conjunction with a method, specifies that the method is always invoked after the object has been serialized on the object graph. The order of serialization relative to the nearest objects in the document is non-deterministic.

    When serializing an attribute

    When applied to a specific method, specifies that the method is simply invoked when the element in the object graph is serialized. The serialization strategy with respect to other objects in the diagram is non-deterministic.


    optional field attribute that the serialization supply may be missing a field, so BinaryFormatter and main SoapFormatter don’t throw an exception.


    Definitely provides data for the serializeobjectstate event.

    Serialization binding

    Allows smokers to manage course downloads and what requires course downloads.

    Serialization Exception

    The exception that is thrown when thethis error during serialization or deserialization.

    Serialization information
    global system runtime serialization

    Stores all the data to make sure you need to serialize or deserialize something. This class cannot be inherited.

    SerializationInfo enumerator

    Provides a convenient formatting mechanism for parsing data in SerializationInfo. This class cannot be inherited.

    Serialization Object Manager

    Manage parallel serialization processes. This class cannot be inherited.

    Replace selector

    How do I add system runtime serialization?

    Install-Package System.Runtime.Serialization.Json – Version 4.3.0.dotnet add package System.Runtime.Serialization.Json –version 4.3.0.Development of the System.Runtime.Serialization.Json –Version 4.3.0 package.

    Helps formatters choose a serialization surrogate for the serialization or deserialization process.


    Contains basic instructions for serializing objects as pipes or XML documents. This class will be abstract.


    Contains attention and XML writer methods.

    XpathQuery generator

    Creates an XPath query for a member when the class representing the contra is invoked No information and facts, and metadata representing any type of contract member.


    xsddatacontractexporter converts the specified number of .NET types used using data contracts to an XML Schema (.xsd) file.


    Enables you to convert an installed XML Schema (.xsd) file to supported Language Runtime Environment (CLR) types.


    Serialization record

    Contains the type, value, and trade name of the serialized object.

    Translation context

    Describes the original destination, is associated with a specific serialized stream, and provides additional context defined by the caller.

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