What Causes Polycom File System Formatting And How To Fix It

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    Here are a few simple steps that should help you resolve your Polycom file system formatting issue.

    If you’ve ever tried to factory reset your Polycom phone, pressed the wrong key and accidentally clicked Format File System instead. You probably know that if you don’t have a provisioning server to help you restore your device, it can take a while.

    You must use our server to upload a new product or service application. Below is a list of all units that can be towed through our server.

    2345-12365-001.sip.ld=IP address of SoundPoint 331
    2345-12450-001.sip.ld=IP address of the SoundPoint 450
    2345-12560-001.sip.ld corresponds to SoundPoint IP 560
    3111-19000-001.sip.ld=IP address of the SoundPoint 560
    2345-12360-001.sip.ld=IP address of SoundPoint 321
    2345-12375-001.sip.ld corresponds to the IP address of the SoundPoint 335
    2345-12500-001.sip.ld=IP address of the SoundPoint 550
    2345-12600-001.sip.ld=IP address of the SoundPoint 650
    3111-30900-001.sip.ld corresponds to the SoundStation 5000 IP address
    3111-40250-001.sip.ld=VVX 101
    3111-44600-001.sip.ld=VVX 600
    3111-46161-001.sip.ld=VVX 310
    3111-48350-001.sip.ld=VVX 311
    3111-48500-001.sip.ld=VVX 501
    3111-40450-001.sip.ld=VVX 201
    3111-46135-002.sip.ld=VVX 300
    3111-46162-001.sip.ld=VVX 410
    3111-48400-001.sip.ld=VVX 401
    3111-48600-001.sip.ld=VVX 601
    3111-44500-001.sip.ld=VVX 500
    3111-46157-002.sip.ld=VVX 400
    3111-48300-001.sip.ld=VVX 301
    3111-48450-001.sip.ld=VVX Connect 411

    1)phone to the network (and, if necessary, to the distribution network).

    2) Your phone will display the message “Launch application, pause cancel”. You must click the Cancel button.

    3) This should open a new screen with three options. “Start”, “Configuration”, “About”. Click the “Configuration” button and enter the password. (default 456)

    4) The Provisioning Server screen will then appear. Click > Select and set Server type to HTTP path > Scroll down to Server Address, click Edit and normally enter: polycom.provu.co.uk/fw/recovery/< /p>

    5) Then press and “Exit”, then again “Exit” and especially “Save and restart”.

    6) Wait for some contacts and our hosting to restart. If successful, you should see a factor similar to “Updating XXXX-XXXXX-XXX.sip.ld, you must wait.” Where X are numbers.

    7) Allow any phone to download the app and wait for it to launch to activate the default splash screen.

    Important note. Don’t forget to update your device’s firmware to the most advanced version after the restore is complete. We guaranteethat the firmware of the new recovery server will not be the latest.


    This tip for those in a hurry provides step-by-step instructions on the easiest way to use a few hotkeys and simple factory reset menu options to format the phone’s local list system through the phone’s web interface or menus. system.

    formatting file system polycom

    See the Polycom Administrator’s Guide for details on all factory default settings.


    Via Phone GUI

    1. Log in to the phone web interface as an administrator.
    2. Select “Utilities”→ “Backing up and restoring your phone”.
    3. In the General Settings section, click the Restore button.


    The above is only possible with UC software 4.0.0 and above.

    From The Phone GUI Menu

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems

  • The phone GUI can be used to reset certain sections of phones using the file system configuration.

    1. Press the menu key
    2. Select settings
    3. Select Advanced.
    4. Select Restore Defaults.
    5. Select an option.

    Explanation of each local option

    Reset preferences

    How to delete a modified phone configuration using the phone GUI.

    formatting file system polycom

    Changes are usually written to the provisioning server as -phone.cfg (depending on the phone software!)


    If there are multiple Provisioning Server phones, this information will always be stored and should take precedence over configuration files.

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