Fixed An Issue With An Error That The Curses/Termcap Library Was Not Found.

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    Here are some easy ways that might help you fix the No Curses / Termcap Library Found error.

    abcwsd ji
    No error
    Bug #15818 Error: curses/termcap library not found
    Sent: 17. January 2005 3:17 Edited: 13. May 2010 2:05
    Reporter: Email updates:
    Status: Local effect on me:
    Category: MySQL Server: Compile Severity: S3 (non-critical)
    Version: Operating system: Linux (ubuntu gray)
    Assigned to: CPU architecture: All

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  • [17. December 2005 3:17] abcwsd Jie

    Description:Check availability of termcap function library...configure: Error: Curses/termcap not foundAs a library iterate:./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql

    error no curses/termcap library found

    [17. December 2005 13:51] Valery Kravchuk

    Thank youall for reporting the problem. I assume you are referring to Ubuntu 5.10 "The Breezy Badger" as the operating system? Please find out here which ones you want to build with mysql.I have ubuntu 5.04. Is it also possible to check if version 5.10 is significantly different?

    [eighteen. January 2006 0:00] Unwanted system pests

    Because of this bug, I didn't get the best month review, so everyonequickly suspended. If you are able to provide itInitially requested information, do not forget it and change itstatus under errors to "Open".

    [April 25 two thousand and six 2:10] Bradley Snobar

    This error will occur. If there is a good workaround, please post it.

    [thirteen. May 2004 1:20] MySQL check group

    Thanks for reporting the bug.Check tgetent as part of -ltinfo... noSearching for various Termcap functions... Setup: Error: Curses/Termcap range not [email protected]:~/dbs/mysql-4.1$I'll see if I can find a good workaround.

    [thirteen. May 2: 05] MySQL 2006 Review Team

    Thanks for the credit error report. The problem is that tho stuff ncurses is notinstalled to find and this is the name that Ubuntu uses for this share I created:ncurses apt-cache lookupand i found:libncurses5-dev - Libraries and developer documentation for working with ncurses.and installed with:apt-get launch libncurses5-devFor my part, I also needed to do the same with the OpenSSL stuff:openssl search apt cacheapt-get install libssl-dev

    [9. Feb 07 19:58] Andrzej Kreciash

    I tried downloading SARGE on Debian and had the same problem. Installapt-get libncurses5-dev fixed the issue.Thank you

    [5. July 2007 12:57] Mohamed is recognizable

    I had the same problem with Debian Etch and apt-get fix libncurses5-dev fixed it

    [9. September 2007 5:35 pm] Atli Jonsson

    We got a bug in Fedora 7.This was fixed simply: yum install ncurses-devel

    [ten. February 9 21:38] Catalina Vasquez

    I had a big problem with 5 centos.1:Checking to get functions from termcap library... Error: Configuration: no curses/termcap libraryfindand i also fixed the game by doing: yum -y Choose ncurses-devel

    [6. April 2008 8:52] Hou Qinglu

    I still had the same issue on CentOS5.1, also fixed with: yum -install ncurses-devel

    error no curses/termcap library found

    [4. Jun 2008 15:58] Timo Gutstein

    I actually had the same problem on Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon and for example apt-get install libncurses5-dev solved it.Thank you

    [ten. July 2008 7:18 pm] Kevin Herbert

    I had the same error on CentOS 5.2, fixed with yum -y lay ncurses-devel

    [4. December 2008 8:26 pm] Pedro Sousa

    I had the same problem with SuSE 10.0.Ncurses-devel-5.4-71 is installed but the error remains.techserver512-1:~/instalados/mysql-4.1.22 rpm number -qa NcursesNcurses-5 |gr.4-71yast2-ncurses-2.12.6-2ncurses-32bit-5.4-71ncurses-devel-5.4-71techserver512-1:~/installados/mysql-4.1.22#techserver512-1:~/instalados/mysql-4.1.22 number -qa rpm | grep termlibterm-0.5.20040304-28terminfo-5.4-71libiterm-devel-0.5.20040304-28techserver512-1:~/installados/mysql-4.1.22#(...on your mysql 5.1.30)Search tgetent for -ltinfo... noChecking termcap library functions... Configuration: Error: curse/termcap library not found(...)(... still on mysql 4.1.22)Look for tgetent in -ltinfo... noLooking for termcap library functions... Configuration: Error: curse/termcap library not found(...)It seems that there is no way. Any ideas?

    [nineteen. April ‘2009’ 21:07] Diana Lord

    I had the same problem with 5.1.33 source code from 11.Installing suse ncurses-devel 5.6-89.10 helped 

    [9. July 2009 0:39] Alessandro Mikagllo

    [13. May June 2006 4:05]In Kubuntu OS 2.6.28-11, according to Miguel Solorzano (see last post), fix the error:apt-cache stores ncursesand I found:libncurses5-dev – developer your local library and documentation for ncursesand installed with:apt-get install libncurses5-dev

    [25. 09 October 17:37] Only to blame

     I ran into exact error on CentOS 5.3 when building MySQL 5.0.86 and error when installing ncurses-devel 

    [24. Nov 12:31] last year tran luong

     I had the same crisis on CenOS 5.4:    Termcap check was successful. Library setup ...: Error: type curses / termcap not foundand I also fix the situation by running: yum apply ncurses-devel 

    [sixteen. February 2010 9:43] Sergey Ryazansky

     I had the same problem on cygwin 2.677, so installing libncurses-devel and ncurses gear solved the problem 

    [sixteen. February 2010 9:50] Sergey Ryazansky

     I had the same problem with Cygwin 2.677 and installing libncurses-devel as well as ncurses packages solved it 

    [23. March this yearat 12:06] Ilya Smolkov

    Hello everyone! The problem is solved by the ncurses-devel base package. For OpenSUSE, if you are looking for ncurses-devel in YaST, you need to install it. This might work for me.

    [sixteen. August 2010 4:51 pm] Allison Oliveira

    Dear friends!I have an OpenSuse 11.3 system and after that I solve this problem like this:1-) zypper (apt-get by Suse) explores ncursesanswer:C | name | Resume | A type------------------------+-------------------- ----- -----------------------i | libncurses5 | Libraries of new curses | packagei | libncurses6 | Libraries of new curses | packagei | ncurses development | Include required files and libraries for development | packagei | ncurses utilities | Tools for working with the new curse libraries | packagei | yast2-ncurses | YaST2 - character user interface | packagei | yast2-ncurses-development | YaST2 - character user interface | packagei | package yast2-ncurses | YaST2 - symbol-based package manager interface | packageOn a case by case basis, I don't have all of these libraries and I get zypper install nameoflib and after my husband and I type ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql and the problem is solvedOh, Oliveira!Thank you,Allison. 

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  • [25. April this year 13:38] ddddd

     Slackware I - Build ncurses-5.7 tar.gz and fix the problem. 

    [Seven. November 2012 17:22] Jan Rubbrecht

     I had the same problem on Ubuntu 12.04.apt-get upload libncurses5-dev solved the problem 

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