An Easy Way To Fix Hircine’s Debugging Curse

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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported experiencing the curse of hircine debugging.

    Curse of the Risen Hircine

    Description Course of Hircine Resurrected is a mod that turns werewolves into Oblivion. This is an unofficial update to the original Curse of Hircine 3 beta.5 with new mod features and bug fixes.
    curse of hircine debug

    – Strength to become a good / bad werewolf and gain additional strength at the same time.

    – New werewolf and skeleton animations similar to werewolves in Morrowind.

    – Build werewolf levels by increasing claw damage, armor rating, and fitness recovery as the player levels up.

    curse of hircine debug

    – To upgrade infected NPC pets. They’ve got a new thread on “Customizing a Werewolf,” and they can follow you if you don’t mind.

    – New items for werewolves, I would say, including the full version of Hircine’s Ring, which you can improve as you see fit.

    – A new NPC in this cave northwest of Azura’s shrine who sells items for werewolves and can make werewolf healing / infection potions.

    French translation
    Russian translation
    Curse of Hircine – Werewolf Hunter
    The curse of replacement Risen Hircine main menu
    Curse of the Risen Hircine – Symphony of the Night
    Curse of the Risen Hircine – Longer Transformation Prevention Period
    Animated werewolf heads CoH
    CoH Addon Revert – for people after death
    CoH Better dog collar and moonstone
    Beautiful werewolf eyes
    Werewolf awakening

    Frequently Asked Questions 1) Does this mod require experience with CoH since 3.5?

    No, the mod does not require CoH 3 beta.5 to run.

    Try Fort Nickel (west of the Imperial City). Has 4 spawn points:

    – Is there a spawn point on the field between Fort Nickel and Veje.

    – Near the lake, west of the fort, there is a spawn point.

    – The last spawn point could be in the forest west of our lake behind dead trees.

    3) Is there a console command that attacks me and checks if the mod is currently running?

    You can activate the main debug menu by editing this ini file or

    “set cidwwsettings.enabledebug to 1” console command. Then you can use

    A debug menu to invade you and add a loo ny stone. Equip the moonstone

    4) After 3 days of waiting, I got a new message “stomach cramps”, but it didn’t change.

    Great. The message only indicates that a complete infection is possible,

    You must wait until next night, armed with the correct moon phase, to succeed in your transformation.

    5) The game always says that I was infected before, but I did not get sick with the main disease.

    Make sure you don’t include God the Father. Prevents the development of diseases.

    6) The game crashes on load before forgetting the main menu.

    This is usually the case where this plugin is missing a master file of any type. If you

    If you have any optional add-ons, make sure all your research files are loaded as well.

    7) A computer game almost turns into werewolves when flying. Possible reasons are:

    – Check if you have better or newer Obse 19b.

    – Reinstall, try all mods, some files may not install correctly.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems

  • 8) After installing the cartoon tails addon, I have three tails

    This is because the animated tails are not set correctly.

    Make sure your request says yes when someone asks if you want to overwrite files.

    If you configure the mod to run with your language files and UPS, electrical attack and harmful sound effects will only play every 8 seconds. However, it includes a fix for getting most of the popular event mods.

    If you are both a vampire and a werewolf, the causal factors behind the knockout transformation effect conflict with the restoration of vampire fatigue. This can be fixed by setting the enableplayerknockout parameter to 0 in the entire ini file.

    I’m not sure. I have a feeling that the phase changes every three days, and there is always a full moon when you first get out of the sewers. If you enable debugging, anyone can access the CoH temperatures in your inventory and design a moon clock that will tell you what phase it is in.

    To continue debugging, you need to get rid of the mod, and then find an archive calledby “CurseOfHircine.It ini”, which should be located in the main folder. Then replace every zero in the line “set cidwwsettings.To enabledbug 0” with 1. This should be the first thing clients see. Just in case, send the file back to get started.

    You can buy it too, but I just remember where the cave is. Do you have OBSE too? I don’t think the mod should load normally without it, but you don’t know for sure.

    I’m not sure. I know there is a new phase every three days, with a full moon when shoppers are the first to exit the drain. If you turn on debugging, you can definitely go to the CoH settings in your inventory and get a moon clock that will tell you what type of phase it is.

    To debug all electronic components you need to disable their mod and then find a file named “CurseOfHircine.It ini” which should be in your main folder. Then replace no inline with “set cidwwsettings.To enabledbug 0” with 1. This may be the first thing you come across. Back up this file just in case.

    You can buy too, but I can’t remember where the cave is. In addition,But people have OBSE, don’t they? I usually think the mod would fill up without it, but you won’t know.

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