Best Way To Remove Bash Expr Syntax Errors

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    Hope that if you encounter bash-expr syntax error on your computer, this guide can help you fix it.

    Your error is caused by spaces around = in your homework. The following substitutions should work (I prefer $ () to use backticks as they are much easier to successfully nest):

      s = 0r = $ (expression $ a% 10)s = $ (expression $ s + $ r)a = $ (expression $ a / 10) 

    For example, s implies 0 (with spaces) does not reset s to zero, but tries to execute the s with three arguments = and 0 .

    However, of course, there is no need to call the third-party expr 1 to provide the math and capture the output in the last variable. Indeed, bash can do it on its own, independent of capturing the output (see ARITHMETIC ESTIMATE in bash - Manpage):

      #! / bin / bashcleanread - around "Please enter a number:" Number((Amount means 0))while [[$ number -gt 4]]; Do    ((Sum + = number% 10))    ((Number / = 10))Finishedecho "The sum of the numbers is $ sum" 

    You will find that I made another small change that I think makes it easier to read.... However, you could potentially go back to your previous code and just use ((expression)) <. use the / code> method instead of expr .

    1 If you don't mind calling external executables over the phone, you don't need a loop in bash , you can use more tricky methods instead:

      #! / bin / bashcleanread -p "Enter this number:" Numberecho "Sum related to numbers is $ (grep -o :) <<< $ number | paste -sd + | bc)" 

    But honestly, I prefer a readable solution 🙂

    If you expand the variable outside the double quotes to expr $ str2 , the following happens:

    1. Take the value of the element. The result is a string.
    2. Divide the current value into space-separated blocks. The end is a list of strings.
    3. Interpret part of the list as a generic model; X. than to globulate. If these files are found, the matches will simply replace the item in the match list. If this element doesn't match any files, leave that aside, for example:

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems

  • for the value of your variable contains the command * , which is replaced inserting filenames into a new directory.

    In general, you should always make double suggestions for variable replacements and alternate commands: "` stuff` " " $ stuff ",. See Why is my own shell script jammed with spaces or other special characters? Only skip quotes if you know or understand why you should read them.

    In this case, your requirements should only be done in stages (splitting), since expr needs providers and operands separately as arguments. But step 3 (processing any word you just use as a general pattern for filenames) shouldn't be done. You can do this by disabling substitution:

      result = `set -f; $ Str2` expression 

    Use a combination instead of a string in ksh or bash - but in those shells you hardly ever use expr .

    Unless your script is to be portable to historical Bourne shells, you don't need to take advantage of expr . Arithmetic expressions are almost any POSIX standard function.

      result = $ (($ str2)) 

    ¹ Separators can be customized using the IFS variable.

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    bash expr syntax error

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