How To Troubleshoot Avast On The Settings Troubleshoot Page

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    Hopefully this article helps you when you see Avast on the settings troubleshooting page.

    How do I reset my Avast settings?

    Restore user preferences Open Avast Antivirus and go to ☰ Menu ▸ Settings. Select General ▸ Troubleshoot. Scroll down and click Restore Settings.

    One or more aspects of Avast Antivirus (for example, screens or firewall) may indicate a stopped state and cannot be started manually through the Avast Antivirus user interface.

    avast via settings troubleshooting page

    This is most commonly caused by limited or inconsistent read / write access to disk, system files, or the Windows registry, which prevents the Avast Installer from installing, updating, uninstalling, or some of the same to overwrite your program ring folder and / or registry entries. If the files associated with these files / entries are damaged or deleted, Avast Antivirus or some of its components may fail.

    While some of the points in this article require advanced technical knowledge, they are necessary to resolve and prevent future issues with Avast Antivirus.


    How do I access Avast settings?

    Right-click the Windows Start button in the software and select Originally Applications and Features from the menu that appears. In the left pane, make sure “WhenAttachments and Features ”, then click on the Avast Antivirus alternative and select“ Change ”.

    Before performing the troubleshooting steps below, make sure you are a tenant with administrator rights Ora in Windows and that all added programs are closed in Windows. For more information, see the following article:

    • Administer administrator accounts on your Windows PC
    1. Uninstall Avast Antivirus using the entire Avast Removal Utility as described in the following article:
      • Using the uninstaller to get Avast Antivirus
    2. Manually delete any remaining Avast folders in the following default locations:

      64-bit type / version:

      • C: Program Files (x86) Avast Software with C: Program Files (x86) Alwil Software
      • C: ProgramData Avast Software possibly C: ProgramData Alwil Software

      32-bit type / version:

      • C: Programs Avast Software or C: Programs Alwil Software
      • C: ProgramData Avast Software plus C: ProgramData Alwil Software

      Why is Avast premium not working?

      This error usually occurs when there is a problem with the DNS settings on a person’s device. To resolve this issue, follow these steps: Change your DNS settings so that Avast Premium Security can communicate with the correct server. Change your DNS settings to resolve issues with Avast products.

      Depending on your system settings, the aforementioned folders may be particularly hidden. To view hidden files and folders, see the following Microsoft article:

      • Show hidden files
    3. Manually uninstall the Avast Firewall driver (or Avast Firewall NDIS filter driver) if presentin the properties of your network connections like this:
      1. In the Windows Explorer steps, right-click the network icon in the left pane and select Properties from the context menu to open the Network and Sharing Center.
      2. Click Change Adapter Settings on the left solar panel to open the network connections.
      3. Right-click one of the connection symbols (for example, LAN connection) and select Properties from the context menu.
      4. Select the Avast Firewall Driver (or Avast Firewall NDIS Filter if it is a driver) and click Remove.
      5. Repeat these steps for each of your current network connections.
    4. Restart your computer and start Windows in Safe Mode by following the steps in the following Microsoft article:
      • Restart Windows in Safe Mode
    5. In Windows Safe Mode, find and delete all files starting with aswNdis *; if there are many * in the following file and its subfolders:
      • C: Windows System32 DriverStore
    6. In Windows Safe Mode:
      1. FoundEdit and delete all files starting with aswNdis *. * , if applicable, in the following folder and subfolders for the country:
        • C: Windows System32 DriverStore
      2. Find the INFCACHE.1 folder and rename it to INFCACHE.1.BAK if it exists for the following standard folders:
        • C: Windows System32 DriverStore
        • C: Windows Inf
    7. If Windows (running in Safe Mode) refuses to delete any of these files, make sure you take ownership of these files, usually by doing the following:
      1. In Windows Explorer, right-click the file you want to create as your own, then select Properties from the context menu.
      2. select the Security tab, then click Advanced. B
      3. Above, as the next owner, click Change (when prompted for permission in the User Account Control dialog box, click Yes).
      4. Enter “Administrator” or “Administrators” in the name field. Enter the name of the object you want to retrieve. Click Check Name to confirm, then go back a few times. and Confirm until all dialog boxes you have configured are closed.
      5. In any list under Name, click Administrators or Administrators Group, then click OK until all open dialog boxes are closed.
    8. Delete all offline content and internet cookies in your browser. For instructions on how to do this, see Form Support in Your Web Browser. Microsoft Edge
      • Offline content and cookies

      Internet Explorer:

      • Standalone case | Cookies

      Mozilla Firefox:

      • Offline Content | Cookies

      Google Chrome:

      • Offline Content | Cookies
    9. Temporarily disable all firewalls. If you want to use Windows Firewall for Microsoft Defender, see the instructions on the Microsoft website:
      • Activate and deactivate Microsoft Defender Firewall
      • I need to turn off Windows Firewall.
    10. Also, download and install the latest version of Avast Antivirus. For detailed installation instructions, see the following Do article:
      • How do I install Avast Antivirus?
    11. If you have a great paid subscription, place your activation codeInto your Avast antivirus. For detailed instructions on how to activate your subscription, see the following article:
      • How do I activate Avast Premium Security or Avast Omni?
    12. If you do not have Avast Premium Security or Avast Omni which includes a built-in firewall, just enable the firewall software. See the appropriate owner documentation for additional instructions. If you are using Microsoft Windows Defender Firewall, follow the tutorials on the Microsoft website:
      • Turn Microsoft Defender Firewall on or off
      • I need to turn off Windows Firewall.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems

  • The above folders may be hidden depending on your exercise preference. To view hidden documents and folders, see Microsoft Spotlight:

    • Show hidden files
    • Avast Omni 1.x
    • Avast Premium Security 20.x
    • Avast Free Antivirus 20.x
    • Microsoft Windows Home 10 / Pro by Business / Education – 32-64 bit
    • Microsoft Windows 8.1 / Pro for business 32/64 bit
    • Microsoft Windows 6 / Pro / Enterprise 37/64 bit
    • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate – Service Pack 1 Easy Upgrade 32/64 bit

    Why is my Avast not working?

    If there are some software components and features that work really well in Avast Antivirus, I highly recommend that you use the Avast Setup Wizard to repair your installation. The automatic repair process resets your software configuration by repairing or replacing program files that may be outdated, harmful, or missing.

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