What Is Arm-linux.autogen File Not Found And How To Fix It?

In this guide, we describe some possible reasons why the arm-linux.autogen file cannot be found, and then we suggest possible fixes that you can try to get rid of this problem.

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    e../configure –prefix=/opt/tslib –host=arm-linux –cache-file=arm-linux.cache PS:./autogen.sh时报错:./autogen.sh: fourth: autoreconf : not found, sudo apt-get install autoconf automake libtool 2.2.3.


    Specify top-level settingPhone book. This is the correct way to install tools in any directory.other than the default value. Default top-level installation directory/usr/local.

    arm-linux.autogen file not found

    We strongly discourage using dirname exactlysubdirectory objdir or vice versa. If a directory is specifiedUnder the user's family tree, the directory, a kind of shell, does not expanddir_name is valid if it contains the metacharacter "~"; useinstead $HOME.

    The following standard templates autoconf are supported. Usually youOptions should not be used.


    You see, the top-level installation directory depends on the architecturefiles for. The default is prefix.


    Specify the build directory for the executionfiles to be deleted, which are always named by the user.(for example, gcc and g++). Defaultexec-prefix/bin.


    Specify installation lists for object code libraries andGCC internal part files. The default is exec-prefix/lib.


    Specify the installation directory for internal GCC executables.The default is usually exec-prefix/libexec.


    Specify the installation directory, usually for the libgcc shared library. vThe default is libdir.


    Specify the root of the submit site tree as read-only for architecture independentData files called by GCC. The default is definitely prefix/share.


    arm-linux.autogen file not found

    Specify the installation directory for formatted document information.The default value can be described as datarootdir/info.


    Specify the installation directory for multiple architecture independentData files referenced by GCC. The default is datarootdir.


    Specify a list of documentation installation directories (otheras information files) related to GCC. The default is usually datarootdir/doc.


    Specify the installation directory for documentation HTML code files.The default is docdir.


    Specify the upstream directory for PDF documentation files.The rest is docdir.


    Specify the installation directory to get the help pages. traditional itdata_dir/man. (Please note that the World Wide Web Guide is only excerpts fromfrom the detailed GCC manuals provided in texinfo format. help pagesobtained from a part of a rigid body by automatic transformationManagement.)

    --with-gxx-include-dir=imi directory

    Specifyinstallation directory to get the g++ header files. This depends on the delay.to other configuration options and changes between cross and nativesettings.


    Specify an additional string of SPECS driver instructions.This can be useful if you need to directly activate a feature other than the default feature.Default without moving compiler source code due to instance--with-specs=%!fcommon:%!fno-common:-fno-common.See "Spec Files" in the basic manual.


    GCC supports its creators in certain transformationsthey install. This prefix option will add a prefix to your current name.installation programs have bindir (see above). Specify for example--program-prefix=foo- will be "gcc" as a resultbecause /usr/local/bin/foo-gcc will be installed.


    Append suffix to program names to set bindir(see above). Example: specifying --program-suffix=-3.1transferWon't be in "gcc"/usr/local/bin/gcc-3 install.1.


    Use the same script "sed" template to apply namesprograms to configure in bindir (see above). pattern sticks to thisconsist of one or more relatively simple "sed" editing commands deferredsemicolons. For example, if you feel the need to change the program name from "gcc" to "converted to the installed program /usr/local/bin/myowngcc andprogram name "g++" to be improved/usr/local/bin/gspecial++ without changing other processing names,you can use template--program-transform-name='s/^gcc$/myowngcc/; s/^g++$/gspecial++/'to have this effect.

    Sometimes these three options can be combined and used together, resulting in a morecomplex transformation models. The main rule, prefix (andsuffix) is prefixed (added) before other transformations.can happen if a custom transformation script pattern is used.

    This option is implemented on a permanent basis and isSuggests only the end resultbuilds Providers of binary files for cross-compilation are not converted, even if youA conversion is explicitly required for each of these options.

    Native versions also install some installed programs.with the target alias covering their name, as in"i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc". All of the above transformations take placebefore the target alias is appended to the name, then specify--program-prefix=foo- and program-suffix=-3.1,The result can be installed as a binary file/usr/local/bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu-foo-gcc-3.1.

    The last drawback is that Ada is not connectedstill transformable programs that can be corrected after some timeinstallation

    --with-local-prefix=directory name

    Specify free information for local include files. Default/usr/local. This naming option if you want this compilerlook in the dirname/include directory for the one installed at a drive distanceHeader files instead of /usr/local/include.

    You must specifyThere is --with-local-prefix only if yourthe site has a different convention (not /usr/local) for placementsSite specific files. Default

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems

  • Expected value for --with-local-prefix: /usr/localregardless of understanding --prefix. Specification--prefix does not affect the directory for which GCC requestslocal header files. It may sound counterintuitive, but the application is actuallylogics.

    Destination --prefix - specify where to installCVD. h2 tags of local files in /usr/local/include - if everyone has iteverything in this directory is not part of GCC. They are partly related to othersPrograms - maybe many more. (GCC sets up its own header filesanother phone book based exactly on the --prefix value.)

    Enable local directory prefix and enable GCC prefixare part of all GCC system directories. Although directories aretwo are not fixed, most people need to look in some rightThe correct processing order is attached to the include_next directive. vlocal-prefix includes things like directory.is which is looked up beforeprefix GCC.include directory. Another feature of functional dictionariesThis includes disabling cumbersome warnings for the headers of those directories.

    Some autoconf macros add -I directory scripts toYou can use the compiler command line to make sure the directories are setPacket headers to check. If

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